Thursday, March 5, 2009

...what now?

it's been so long. it's march now already. feels like it was just new year yesterday.
i have too many pics to be uploaded but alot r already on facebook so i dont really bother.

nothing muchs been going on. which is sad.
everyday in class is like going through hell cos seriously classes are so friggin loong.
and what more having to see some person's face i seriously just wanna smack everytime i walk her by. seriously. it's so fascinating. it's been months now n i still hate her. funny huh. jeng bitch.

allehh. i'm seriously so effing bored now. n hence im posting this post.
i'm currently obsess with tryying to loose weight. i hope it'll work.

and also. ive met some great people during the last month.
i love having to play tug of war after the session of booze @ tmn tun.
that was so original. and awesome.
O yyea. i even bruised myself becoz of that.
but wtv it was worth it. fun and more fun. =)
and also healthy. LMAO.

o yea. i went all the way to KL for porridge last night. and chicken wings. it was yum yum.
whoever haven tasted frog seriously, it taste just like chicken. only smaller.
on the way back we the listened to some smooth rnb mix that seriously made me wanna club.
i've been missing in the scene for way too long.
zouk this friday! FUTURE =)

k kayssss. i think i have spoken enuf.
see ya later.

yours truly.
zenny z.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bukit Puchong.

SO. I missed Armin's @ zouk last night.
And got recruited into THE QUBE.
A bunch of cars convoy-ed to Bukit Puchong .
Damn the view was great.
We had so much funn! It was awesome =)
Here are some pictures from chermaine's toy.
O + Chrystians pants pecah! HAHHA. check out the pics.

Beautiful a?

college life.

college life re-started again.
it's been one week now.
and omg. i didn't miss anything at all.
plain boring,drama,eye sore. and what more. clam population increased. =.='

BLAHHHH. i wanna loose weight!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 hunnay!

This year we talk about having it some place "special"
well thanks to the traffic and bad time management.
we ended up in bangsar instead of genting.
thank you to that special someone. *coughs* sarcastically.
Anywho. It was a great night. =)
Well, how cud you go wrong with fun people like us. HAHA.
I cant believe hols is soon to end.Enough whinning.teehe
i'll call for a toast * to a better year*.
*cheers hunnay.
Love yall.
Zen 2009

Sunday, December 28, 2008

new yr's coming.

This year. LOADS haff changed from last year.
I've lost a couple of love ones (not dead la. just lost)
and got closer to some of others.

This year was all about ACCA and studies.
I was all about college .i neglected some important people in my life.
but I'm glad those who understand is still there for me whenever i need them.

I learnt this year to not trust so much. And do NOT always put your feelings ahead of your mind.
Hopefully, i wouldnt do such the next tyme.

Next year's gonna be different.
I want myself to take control of stuff.
Be more independent and hardworking.
Loose alot of weight and cut down on beer(fattening).
O ya. and to not be too nice to people cos apparently it'll bite u right back.

May the next year be better than this year.
Til then Cheers everyone. It'll soon be the end of 2008 and a new beginning will arise.

Blanc & Space

HARI JADI Ke-19 saya

those who attended. i wanna thank alot.
those who wished i wanna thank you for remembering.
club pictures posted soon.x

perempuan perempuan dan laki laki sekalian

minta ampun karane telah lama disaperan(dissapear).
aku telah sibuk ke sini sana beryumcha dengan memba memba sekian.
maaf kerane telah mengabandonkan blog ini.
aku telah lupa kesemuannya aktivity yg telah aku lalui.
sekian terima kasih.

namun begitu. hari jadi saya yg baru lepas aku diblogkan ppada post selepas ini.

jumpa bila jumpa. (see u when i see u )


Friday, December 19, 2008


i just got back from the city of kiasu's.

seriously.they follow rules like dogs.

they bark only when they are allowed to..

i'm glad i'm back. 5 days to plan for me birthday!

WEE! laters homies.